Avioparts Technical support

Our dedicated team offers best-in-class technical expertise, engineering support and inspection services when you need it most. Technical support can be provided by Avioparts Technical team and OEM engineering, if required at customer facilities.

In case of any technical questions or impartial advice and support on the following areas of expertise, please do not hesitate to contact techsupport@avioparts.com

TECHNICAL EMERGENCY HOTLINE NUMBER: +34 673 047 732 Callers must provide their name, company and contact details.

Aircraft Tires

  • Aircraft Tire Technical training for Pilots / Maintenance Personal / Aircraft Technicians
  • Aircraft Tire pressure maintenance
  • Troubleshooting common "in-services issues" on Aircraft Tires, Wheels and Brakes
  • Aircraft Tire Retreadability
  • Aircraft Tire Scrap Rates
  • Aircraft Tire Landings Performance

Aviation Lubricants, Greases and Hydraulic Fluid

  • Engine oil and Hydraulic Fluid Conversion Guidance
  • Lubricants shelf life, Storage and Handling recommendation
  • Aviation Lubricants compatibility
  • Common Causes of Contamination or Deterioration
  • Aviation Lubricants Approvals and Specifications
  • Aviation Greases Compatibility and Conversion Guidance

Exxcare Fluid Analysis Service (By ExxonMobil Aviation)

  • Compare results against OEM-recommended limits
  • View results for specific aircraft makes and models, or entire fleets
  • Receive expert analysis of you fleet´s assessment