Avioparts Sealants, Adhesives and other chemicals

Avioparts provides complete aircraft and airport ground support equipment (GSE) solutions to corporate, FBO, MRO, military, airline and general aviation customers. We offer excellent pricing and short lead times on an entire range of high-quality GSE.

  • Silicone Adhesives
  • Epoxy
  • Sealants
  • Coatings
  • Cleaning Products
  • Anti-Ice Additives
  • NDT Products
  • Fuel Biocide

Avioparts is Authorized Chemetall Distributor.

As a leading global one-stop supplier for Aerospace OEMs and maintenance companies, with its well-known Ardrox® and Naftoseal® brands, Chemetall offers sealants, NDT products, corrosion protection products, cleaners, pretreatment products and paint strippers for airframe, aircraft operation and aero-engine applications.

Avioparts is Authorized Henkel Distributor.

Henkel is the global leader in structural adhesives and surface treatment technologies for the aircraft OEM and MRO industries. The company is listed in over 5,000 aerospace specifications. Henkel invests heavily in R&D and product support and has been the market leader in these industries for over 50 years.

Avioparts is Supplier of Dow Corning Products.

Whether you need technology that performs in the air, the stratosphere, or the frozen vacuum of space, Dow Corning can provide you the precise products and services you need. Dow Corning can provide top-quality silicon-based products — from high-purity fluids, greases, silicone sealants and adhesives to advanced protective coatings.

Avioparts is Authorized 3M Aerospace Distributor.

Avioparts is Authorized PPG Sealants Distributor.

Avioparts is Supplier of Huntsman Products.

Avioparts is Supplier of Molykote Products.