Product description

Anti-Friction Coating .
Air-curing dry film lubricant.

Features :
- Good Water Resistance .
- Moisture Barrier .
- Good Plastics & Rubber Compatibility .
- Drinking Water Regulatory Approval.
- Wide Service Temperature .
- Good Oxidative Stability .
- Good Thermal Stability .

Applications :
- For metal/metal combinations with slow to medium fast movements and high loads .
- Suitable for the permanent lubrication of highly stressed sliding guides with low sliding speeds, oscillating movements or intermittent operation.
- Improving the running-in process and for lubrication under high vacuum and at extreme temperatures .
- Used successfully for cylinder-head bolts, toaster guides, car mirror adjustment mechanisms, high voltage switches, for the running-in of highly stressed gear wheel .
- Emergency lubricant for parts of the rotor head of wind energy installations and for groove-free cold extrusion of steel .

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