Sustainability, Safety and Product Integrity


At Avioparts, we understand that successful companies are those that see business objectives and sustainability objectives as interlinked. Balancing economic growth, social development and environmental protection are key to being a responsible part of the communities where we operate.

One way Avioparts aims to address the challenge of sustainability is through advanced ExxonMobil Aviation branded lubricants and Aviation related services. As well as meeting high performance standards, Mobil Jet™ oils help deliver unparalleled performance to more than 11,000 engines and are designed to meet today and tomorrow's aviation challenges. Mobil Jet oils are suitable for a wide range of turbine applications in both commercial and military service. They are also suitable for aircraft-type gas turbine engines used in industrial or marine applications.


Avioparts is committed to conducting business in a manner that protects the safety, security and health of employees, those involved with operations, customers and the public. We set a very high priority on Safety, Security, Health and Environmental (SSH&E) performance for everyone in the workplace.

ExxonMobil provide Product Safety and Stewardship information for those who transport, use and dispose of Mobil products. The internet-based Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS) include appropriate uses, potential health and environmental information, personal protection and exposure controls, first aid measures and disposal considerations, and customers should always refer to this online database for the very latest Mobil lubricants safety information. At the same time ExxonMobil provide Product Datasheets (PDS) which are available as a product information reference for each Mobil lubricant.

Product Integrity

Avioparts is driven to deliver the highest level of service and quality products to our customers at every opportunity. We believe that in order to do this we need to not only have the best product mix, drivers, sales team, customer service team and warehouse personnel, we need to make sure that as an organization we get the order right every time.

Maintaining a world class Product Integrity program is not easy and it takes active participation from whole company to succeed. As an authorized distributor of ExxonMobil Aviation lubricants, Avioparts recognises ExxonMobil Lubricants product integrity standards and as such has established standards to help ensure product integrity throughout our own operations and systems too, including the implementation of the ExxonMobil Distributor Product Integrity Management (DPIM) System. This manual meets or exceeds the requirements from our suppliers and customers and helps us establish consistent operations to reach the goal of no Product Integrity (PI) incidents.





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