Free Webinar, 2021 GADSS Autonomous Distress Tracking Mandate ADT, How Should Airlines Comply

November 28, 2018 - 10 AM Central Europe,  5 PM China Standard

The Autonomous Distress Tracking (ADT) mandate is part of the Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS) initiative launched by ICAO after several accidents where downed aircraft could not be located at all, or only after long and expensive search efforts.

While most airlines have already complied with the normal tracking mandate due by the end of 2018, the ADT requirement for January 2021 is approaching fast. It is designed to improve the location of aircraft in the critical phase, when the aircraft is in distress, anywhere in the world.

What are the main goals of GADSS?

The GADSS concept of operations is simple in its scope: provide autonomous global, end-to-end tracking of commercial flights so that an aircraft is never “lost.”

Its primary focus is the detection of aircraft in distress anywhere in the world, but also to provide more accurate tracking throughout the flight so the Search & Rescue (SAR) procedure can be initiated, if required, and rescuers directed to the right location. This process will also enable more efficient SAR operations as well as timely retrieval of the Flight Data Recorder.

This webinar will give OEMs and airlines an insight of:

  • The GADSS ADT requirements: What is the exact scope and definition of ADT? What performance is expected? When should airlines comply? Which specific aircraft types are involved?
  • Compliance through an ELT DT (Emergency Location Transmitter: Distress Tracking): While the mandate is performance-based, various technologies are available to meet this requirement. Orolia will highlight the concept of ELT-DT which has emerged as a resilient solution supported by an existing global infrastructure dedicated to distress management.
  • Use Case of Successful ELT (DT) Integration: Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance will give an insight of the STC development work that is currently underway.


Christian Belleux, Aviation Product Line Director Orolia

Pablo Pintado, Project Manager Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance


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